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Crab Feast October 2018 & Captain Avery Museum Oyster Fest

Next meeting November 28, 2018, 6:00 pm -- see events calendar

October 21 from 12:30-5pm -- Oyster Festival at Salem Avery Museum. 
For more information, click here .

Holiday Party December 11, 2018 - more info soon

Deale Boat Parade on Rockhold Creek December 19, 2018

45th East Coast Commercial Trade Show, January 18 - 20 (more info, click here )

Memo to MWA

The Anne Arundel Watermen’s Association is a non-profit organization, created for the purpose of representing independent commercial watermen living and working in Anne Arundel County.

Anne Arundel County is the most centrally located county in Maryland, home to more than 500,000 residents with 533 miles of shoreline and the site of the State capital in Annapolis. Our watermen harvest blue crabs, finfish, and oysters, favorites for many local dinner tables and restaurants.

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